All Set Creations- Cinephotography

Take a look at our “Cine-Photos”, they aren’t photos at all. They’re screen shots from our Ultra HD video. For years, we’ve been using the technology we posses to give our clients extra photos from their wedding day. As the technology has gotten better, so have our “Cine-Photos.”

We are right there with you all day capturing the perfect shots for you. We can do this easily because we are actually taking 24 separate shots every second by filming. We then lift the best images from our video and make them for you. We can catch the most candid and genuine moments effortlessly. In fact, many of our clients, have taken these high resolution images right from our email or flash drive to any retail store and have enlarged them up to wall sized canvases!

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“We were at other weddings where Dave had captured stills from his videos – stills that far exceeded the artistic quality of the hired photographer. However, I think I was the first bride to say to Dave – you’ve got something here will you be my PHOTOGRAPHER and VIDEOGRAPHER? It ended up saving us so much money – we wouldn’t have been able to afford both and having those memories on film – of the emotion in our vows and the voices of our grandparents – were just as important to me as having the photos themselves.”

Katie Horvath- JJP “Blended” Customer (seen above)

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“The fusion photos ended up being some of our favorite photos of our day by far, especially because we have a love for candid’s, who doesn’t?! There’s not much more you can as for  than to have a videographer capture the best day of your life while also taking stunning quality photos, all for an amazing price!”

Devon Powick- All Set Bride, 2016 (seen above)

We are proud to offer various amounts of our exclusive CinePhotography on many of our best packages. Your Photographer has a style and artistic look that is all their own and this is not to replace that, but rather to accent their craft and ultimately provide our clients with as many shots as possible so they can not only have their moments captured, but also preserved forever. After all, it’s all about you and that whom we are creating this for.

 Our ultimate goal is to make you, the client, ALL SET!

“”We chose to do the Blended package of Photo and Video with Dave because my fiancé and I wanted to capture the raw emotion and fun atmosphere of our wedding that candid photos offer. This style of shooting gave us the most opportunities for those perfect pictures we were hoping for! Even the more traditional photos came out great, because, just as with the candids, there were so many photos per second, it was easy to pick a photo where no eyes were closed and everyone looked amazing! I have absolutely zero regrets with this package and Dave is so easy to work with!”

Livia Greto, All Set Blended Bride

The All Set Blended Packages with The Couple’s Choice Video included!

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