The Dynamic Duo Wedding Bundle

Talented Photographer, Nick Pompei and I have been crafting photos and videos for years. As fellow teachers, we just kept finding ways to team up on cool and fun projects. But, then we decided that creating side-by-side for up to 11 hours a day wasn’t work at all, but more fun than anything! We’ve filmed and photographed dozens of weddings together and when we do that for you, it’s not only two professionals who you can let handle everything you need creatively, but don’t be surprised when you actually enjoy your day even more- we like to have fun when we “work.”

In order to “work” more together, we’ve bundled two of our best packages into a bundle called the “Dynamic Duo.” With Nick, you get his “Gold Package” for $2600 and you get any of our 9-hour video packages starting at $2000 (discounts may apply).

So, for , at most, $5000, you will have the best bundle of Photo and Video you can ask for, go ahead and search around. That $5000 is what some Photographers and Videographers charge by themselves- just for one of these services!

Let alone, the fact that you’ve probably heard horror stories about how other Photographers and Videographers may have acted on a Wedding Day. Don’t chance that- let the Dynamic Duo do what we do best; work together to blend a perfect Photography and Cinematography Wedding Day for you!

Check out Nick’s style today!

Here’s just some of the videos we’ve created while working side-by-side with Nick as part of the “Dynamic Duo”

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