The “All SET” difference… and the “Just Joey” story

On October 18, 2004, my life would change forever. After 11 years in the TV profession as an Anchor, Reporter, Producer and all around Jack-of-all- Trades with a camera, I made the move, full time, to the world of education. October 18, 2004 was my first day in this new role and it was also the first day I met my wife, Sue Ellen.

Before then, I had always agreed to film things for friends and family members, but never thought much about making a business out of it. Fast Forward two more years, September 2, 2006. This was the day that my son, Joey, was born. Sue Ellen and I had now started a family together and I always wanted to be the kind of man who could leave a business to his son one day. By this point, I also had the pleasure of filming a wedding for a colleague, at my new job, which led to 2 other weddings as well. Now, there was something starting….

Fast forward again- now Joey is around 6 months old and old enough to start doing his own little things… many times after he would do these little actions, I would catch myself saying, “…oh, that’s Just Joey.” The name stuck and Sue Ellen and I started forming “Just Joey Productions.”

Fast forward one more time… April 14, 2007, Sue Ellen Bennett agrees to marry me and becomes Sue Ellen Thomas, S-E-T. This website was ironically created on April 14, 2011 and the domain name,, the same day.
We have an expression in our relationship that “We are Not Steering the Ship.” There have been way too many amazing things in this string of events to think that it’s all chance and that God is not involved!

When I correspond with our customers either through e-mail or over the phone, I will always say, “You’re All SET” and that is our way of telling you that you are getting the highest level of customer service and passion to making everything about your event as special as we feel everyday about our family.

This is our family business and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We believe that we are “not steering the ship” and this opportunity has been given to us for all of the right reasons- and you are also now encouraged to benefit from these blessings as well.

All our best- Dave, Sue Ellen and our family!

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