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My wife, Sue Ellen and I started this company officially a few years after the birth of our first child, Joey. Even though I had been filming videos and editing professionally for decades, sometimes the most creative people are not the best business people. However, my wife is…. This business was her idea because she’s the kind of person who always builds people up and encourages them to use the God-given gifts and talents we have inside.

So, as we have grown over the years we haven’t lost site of the thing that started us in the first place- a way to capture family memories, special moments, and tell good stories through the medium of film.

That’s it- that’s what we’re all about. At first, our name was Just Joey Productions, but then we realized we should include our entire family in our company philosophy. My wife, Sue Ellen (S.E.) and I found each other through prayer and her initials (S.E.T.) represent what we believe- we are ALL SET.

When you choose All Set Creations either on your own or by listening to the advice of others before you, you are choosing Dave, Sue Ellen, Joey, Sophia, Julia and Nick (and Sadie & Holly too).

However, we’ve also made the decision to grow slowly rather than rapidly. We’ve resisted the temptation to hire too many Cinematographers and Photographers, the quick and lucrative buy-out offer from other bigger companies, overseas mass produced editing and many other things that could have derailed the core traditions, principals and ideals that got us started in the first place.

So, when you hire us, you are hiring us and a hand selected group of trusted professionals that also understand the All Set philosophy and will ensure that all our clients feel like they too are part of the All Set Family.

Dave Thomas- Co-Founder of All Set Creations

I am a professionally trained Cinematographer and Emmy award winning Storyteller & Editor with more nearly 30 years experience in Broadcast TV, Commercial Video and Filmmaking.

I have been doing wedding and event films since high school for friends and family because of my lifelong passion for cameras, videos and filming. In addition to always creating films, researching the latest video technology and playing with cameras and lenses- I am also a full time Film and Video Production teacher and am a current voting member and judge of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the Regional and National Emmy awards.

As a client once said when I was thanking ‘him’ for hiring me, he turned to me and said, “Dave, wouldn’t you like to say that you had an Emmy Award winner film your wedding?” I guess he’s right. However, even with hundreds of events filmed and edited, when asked, by a bride this past year, how many I had shot… I responded, one. Simply put, the one I am currently shooting or editing is the most important one at that time and I enmesh myself in it. It’s my passion. Email me at My All Set Gmail , message me on Facebook or Twitter or just call me at 267-222-0995 and let’s get started.

Jamie Root- JJP Cinematographer

So, I was shooting a pre-ceremony segment of a wedding in 2014…. and one of the bridesmaids, one of the bride’s sisters, kept looking at my cameras and lenses. That’s pretty rare and the more we kept talking gear, the more I could tell she knew her stuff. Jamie is a Film School graduate, but as we know in the field, that doesn’t get you far. Jamie has a great eye for the moment and captures it effortlessly.

In addition to the years of wedding and event experience, Jamie is also a professional Filmmaker and Actress. So, you can rest easy knowing Jamie will capture all of your moments perfectly, allowing us to edit it all for you.

When booking your event, you may request Jamie and Jamie is always our best and most reliable option if I am already chosen for an event on the same day as yours.

Here’s some of the perfect examples of how great it will look when Jamie films your wedding…

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