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Not “just” weddings…



We’ve been in the video world since it really started hitting the consumer market in the 80’s and 90’s. From the collaboration on our first Sports Team highlight video in 1990, to recording game clips on VHS tapes from Notre Dame football games, editing and filming everything has always been our thing….

In 1995, the Professional Television career started and from there, we have filmed, interviewed, edited and produced just about everything there is to create in the world of Film and TV….so, now it’s your turn… what can we create for you, your company or any audience who wants to see the JJP difference? We have a saying at JJP, “you see a pebble, we see a film.” All that means is 99 out of 100 people will walk right by the same pebble on the shore and never even stop to look at it, let alone pick it up. But, we are the visionaries, we not only pick it up, but study which lighting and angle will show it best and what’s the story of where it’s been.

From Broadcast Level Commercials, Corporate Videos, Trade Show Videos, Professional Casting Spokesperson/Talent Coaching, and so many more video and film projects, email us- let’s see what our team can create for you today.



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  1. Hey Dave! I am getting married in August of 2021 and my friends recommended your company for videography. I am really not sure what I want other than a video to capture the day . I don’t think it needs to be over the top.

    I hear you are also a teacher, hope you are managing! It’s rough!

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