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All Set Creations- “Cinephotography”

What are “CinePhotos”

Take a look at our “Cine-Photos”, they actually aren’t photos from a digital camera at all.

We film in Ultra HD as cinematographers and these are high resolution still frames taken from the film. For years, we’ve been using the technology we posses to give our clients extra photos from their wedding day. As the technology has gotten better, so have our “Cine-Photos.”

The process of filmmaking makes this so much fun! When we film, we are creating up to 60 frames of video every second. This means, every second we film, creates up to 60 still images every second!

We can catch the most candid and genuine moments effortlessly. In fact, many of our clients tell us that these are some of their favorite photos and have taken these high resolution images right from our email or flash drive to any retail store and have enlarged them to 8×10, 11×14, 16×20 and even wall sized canvas prints without thinking twice.

The CinePhotos, along with the desire to blend with the most talented photographers in the world led us to create our “blended packages” and these CinePhotos are an exclusive part of our blended wedding packages and our high end wedding film packages.

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