Remember, at All Set Creations, we want the planning process, the day of your event and the weeks, months and years after to be stress free. We want you to feel like you are All Set.  Let us help you do that. We can provide you with some of the most unique and personal and professional films in the industry today.

I have been working in the video and television since 1995 and I know how to make creations for every need, want and desire.

Our prices are extremely competitive and by some opinions, way too low… but, that’s ok, our videos are for you and we believe that every client and video we produce should feel like it’s coming to and made for a friend.




Our Clients are our Friends for Years- Join us and see why on our Facebook “person” page


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9 Comments on “CONTACT US

  1. Hi, This message is for Sue. I met Sue at the WNPV giveaway. We had nice conversations and I saw an article today “Friday Night Fireworks”every Friday through Labor Day -for 15 consecutive weeks. Thought maybe you could coordinate it with your River Tubing possibly! Good Luck! Thanks for the Ashers certificate! I really appreciaite it! I googled Friday night activities Doylestown and found this info. Have a great summer!

  2. Dave, did you go to Marian High School in Tamaqua? I saw your name in Dec. 24 Inquirer as the videographer for Vogel-Allegar wedding.

  3. Hey Dave I’m a friend of Deonna’s and you do amazing work and I am interested in having you for my May 31, 2019 wedding. Are you available? If so, can you provide me with your pricing? Thank you!

  4. Hi I was inquiring about pricing for a wedding video for nov 21 2020. Would like to include prep, ceremony, pictures, and reception

  5. Inquiring video for my wedding 12/31/20!
    Referred from Jen Swain and Kelly pin’

  6. Hello! My fiancé and I are looking for a videography and photography combo with two photographers. We were recommended by Dana and Deanna Lyons along with Katie Slivinski.

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