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All Set Weddings- nearly 20 years of capturing and creating love stories


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ASC (All Set Creations) Vocabulary List:

The “Best-Of” A mandatory part of every package. A 15-20 minute edited “best of” your entire day film- some others call this a trailer, trailers are short, a “best of”, is both online and on your DVD’s/Hard Drive and is simply the best way to watch and share you love story at home, on your phone, on a computer or anywhere you want to relive that magical day!

The “Featurette” Available on both our Simply Sophia film and the All Set Wedding, this 5-10 minute mini film is yet another way to relive your incredible memories. Amusingly, we hear that this is the only thing that other companies give out as a video, even after filming for 10+ hours…not us! It’s just one of 7 sections!

CinePhotos- These awesome additions are definitely an ASC thing! A few years back, I started dabbling with these little beauties as DVD covers, but then, as our cameras and lenses got better, so did these. CinePhotos are .jpg photos made from your film. Quick video lesson here- we shoot at or above High Definition (1920×1080) TV standards. Those numbers are the amount of pixels in an image. 1920 across the screen and 1080 from top to bottom. So, picture your flat panel TV and how good it images and videos look. Now, compare that TV size to a picture frame. Imagine how good an image that looks good on a big screen will look on a much smaller picture frame….we’ve had couples print them into full wall canvases- so they enlarge well too!

Look below, all of these are CinePhotos. They were either grabbed from the video or during the actual filming of the video. Yep, we also use cameras that allow us to take pictures as we are filming video at the same time. CinePhotos are perfect for getting truly candid moments and perfect timing that can be missed otherwise. CinePhotos are only available on select packages.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. We are using Lynda Berry as a photographer for our wedding and she has recommended your company. We are interested in using you.

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